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>>> good friday morning. coming up on "early today," solo act. could the u.s. end up going it alone with a military strike against syria's assad regime. we're live in london and the middle east. >>> rattled. the nfl's almost $800 million settlement over concussion lawsuits. >>> high times. the department of justice has a whole new outlook on marijuana. and it's not a buzz kill. >>> plus, an angry ax-wielding neighbor lashes out at a local teen. the avengers have a new villain in store for you. >>> and your ready to go 415 feet into the sky, then fall at 90 miles per hour? get ready. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, august 30th. good morning. i'm richard lui. the u.s. is readying for a possible solo action against syria, but president obama is facing some skepticism from congress. defense secretary chuck hagel spoke with senior congressional leaders thursday. the 90-minute call detailed the administration's evidence against assad's regime. lawmakers from both parties pressured the president for legal rationale. >> the president is going
>>> good thursday morning. coming up on "early today," is the aye u.s. military strike on syria imminent? we're live in the region. >>> four major illnesses tied to a lack of sleep. the results of a five-year sleep study. >>> send a text to a driver and you could be held legally responsible if there's a car accident. >>> plus, fast food workers across the country prepare to strike. taking in the dream 50 years later. >>> and a billion-dollar classified payload heads to space. and an albino alligator gets acupuncture for back pain. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for thursday, august 29th. >>> very good morning. i'm richard lui. thousands of syrians are trying to flee the country in advance of a potential u.s.-led military strike. refugee sites are springing up across lebanon and the entire mideast is on age. there's a run on gas masks. israelis young and old are lining up at distribution centers thinking they may be syria's next target. >>> this morning, president obama is confirming the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime. >> we have
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. the agend ahandling the crisis in egypt and if the u.s. will continue its financial military relationship. >>> premeditated murder. did the bladerunner plan to kill his girlfriend riva steencamp. >>> plus reggie wayne light ups the preseason. >>> are lilo's six trips to rehab enough for a turnaround. >>> and the most expensive car ever sold at auction. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, august 19th. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui. today could be a difficult day for fire crews in the west. the beaver creek fire has scorched nearly 160 square miles. it's located about two hours east of boise. officials ordered the evacuation of some 2,300 homes but have some optimism at the moment as more crews arrive to fight the flames. >> it's emotional to see our landscape changing and to know that people that we love could possibly be in danger. >> we need an army out there and we've got it. hundreds of firefighters. i know they are doing all that they can. >> some 90 fire engines are on the ground working to protect homes and businesses. the fire started
, and this morning many u.s. embassies and consulates remain closed as we learn more about the global threat. tracie potts is live in washington. what is the latest with this threat? what do we know? >> it's the anniversary of being bombed and a lot of times terrorists use anniversaries to strike. it's for that reason, betty, this huge fire this morning caught everyone's attention. there's nothing going in or out of kenya's airport this morning because of this huge fire. no word if it's connected to today's 15th anniversary of deadly bombings at our embassy there and in tanzania. the whole region is on alert. 19 u.s. embassies and consulates remain closed due to a terror threat. on jay leno last night, president obama said it's a reminder. >> violent extremism is still out there. we've got to stay on top of it. >> reporter: the airports evacuated 100 americans in the embassy in yemen based on what the state department calls -- >> an immediate specific threat. >> reporter: but not new. >> al qaeda is alive. look at pakistan. look at afghanistan. look at yemen. >> reporter: experts say exposing the pl
. many u.s. embassies and consulates remain closed. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker has the latest. >> reporter: back from camp david, president obama is getting the latest on the high alert. >> there's been an all of lot of chatter out there. chatter means conversation among terrorists about the planning that's going on. they're reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11. >> reporter: according to two top u.s. officials, the terror plot could include one large attack or simultaneous attacks around the world, but the intelligence still isn't crystal clear. embassies and consulates from cairo to kabul are bracing themselves. although the streets of kabul were calm today, the embassy was still closed and will remain on high alert. national security officials told nbc news the threat is coming directly from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula based in yemen. a terror group that's gotten stronger in recent years. >> it's more dangerous because now we have 2.0 or 3.0, which is widely dispersed, a younger generation coming up with new ideas. >> reporter: meanwhile, the department of ho
, major league baseball is expected to suspend a-rod and eight others suspected of using her -- performance-enhancing drugs. but if a-rod fights the suspension to next season, the mlb is threatening to ban him from the sport altogether. the investigation has turned up e-mails, text messages and other information that show rodriguez recruited athletes for the clinic. he then tried to buy incriminating evidence. >>> new dash cam video shows george zimmerman being pulled over for speeding in texas. he had a gun with him. it happened about 25 miles east of dallas. zimmerman told the officer he had a gun in his life compartment and that he was going, quote, nowhere in particular. the officer told zimmerman to slow down and released him with a warning. texas state law allows people to carry a gun in a vehicle as long as it is not in plain view. zimmerman's attorneys posted a tweet in response to the news saying they are working to protect his privacy. last month he was acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >>> at least a half dozen members of congress head to the white
think of you hypocritically going to church every sunday, coming home to torture us? >>> why the state department is shutting down dozens of american embassies. >>> plus, russia takes edward snowden out of limbo. >>> what anthony weiner has to say about his sexting alias. >>> and robin thicke blurring the lines on late night. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, august 2nd. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui. >>> we have some dramatic moments in an ohio courtroom to talk about. one woman came face to face with her kidnapper. here's nbc's jay gray with more. >> reporter: wiping away tears, michelle knight for the first time since her escape shared the same room with the man that held her captive and terrorized her for a decade. >> i will live on. you will die a little every day as you think about the 11 years and atrocities you inflicted on us. >> reporter: daily physical, mental and emotional abuse outlined in detail for the first time today by prosecutors who showed the inside of what they call ariel castro's house of horrors where knight, amanda berry and gina dejesus were
joins us live in washington with a preview. a lot on the plate today. >> reporter: a lot on the plate for the president to address before he heads off to the nine-day vacation in martha's vineya vineyard. it's not unusual to see these types of press conferences late summer. congress is gone all month which means republicans and a lot of his critics are gone. the president will have the stage. what will he talk about? he will undoubtedly be asked about canceling this conference, the summit, with vladimir putin with the russian president. why that happened and how much the asylum for edward snowden had to do with that decision. he will also likely be asked to address the terror threats in the middle east. now not just the one that shut down 19 embassies and consulates this week, but a new one that is now shutting down the consulate in lahore in pakistan. that's a separate issue, according to the state department. but clearly concerns throughout that region. egypt, syria, unrest in those regions. what is the appropriate level of u.s. involvement? where does russia stand with the syrian g
of us are preparing for the weekend, firefighters in northern california are battling a rapidly growing wildfire near yosemite national park. it's called the rim fire and it grew exponentially overnight now covering about 54,000 acres up from 16,000. and just 24 hours earlier, highway 120 year yosemite was shut down but the park itself remains open and mostly smoke-free. on thursday, governor jerry brown issued a state of emergency and that declaration frees up money and resources for the 1800 firefighters on the ground. so far nine structures have been damaged. 2500 remain threatened. >>> now overseas to syria where more horrific images are emerging of what syrian rebels are calling a mass chemical attack. but the claims still not verified. >> if these reports are true it would be an outrageous and flagrant escalation of use of chemical weapons by the regime. so our focus is on nailing down the facts. >> the vicious civil war is now in its third year. more than 100,000 are dead and nearly 2 million refugees. nbc's ayman moyhedin joins us from cairo. what are the latest developments. >>
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she might be in danger. >> for us to be there at the precise time is one chance in a trillion. >> an incredible footnote. dimaggio was killed on august 10th, the same day his father committed suicide years ago. his dad, himself, had held a 16-year-old girl at gun point in her home before she managed to escape. >>> now to a developing story. a hotel not far from disney world began collapsing after a sink hole happened under the foundation. witnesses say they could hear a cracking sound. vacationers staying at the villa had to be evacuated. two other villas near the collapsing one had to be evacuated. >>> new this morning, eric holder, attorney general, is unveiling major plans for a change to the criminal justice system. he wants to change how some nonviolent drug abusers are prosecuted. it's meant to ease overcrowding in prisons, and correct unfairness in the system. >>> security forces in egypt have put off a crackdown of tens of thousands of protesters who supported morsi. pressure from the u.s. and human rights groups averted the crackdown for now. >>> drivers are finding i
>>> good friday morning. u.s. interests in pakistan are under threat this morning because of new terror fears. the state department is warning americans against travel there. >> they say there's a specific threat against the u.s. consulate in lahore, pakistan's second-largest city. abc's kristin fisher joining us on the latest details from overnight. >> reporter: diana, john, the key word is specific. this is a specific threat against the u.s. consulate in lahore, which is why only a handful of emergency personnel have been allowed to stay. all americans are now being urged to stay out of pakistan. this, as most u.s. diplomats in lahore were ordered out to islamabad. the state department says the evacuation is due to concerns about credible threat information specific to the u.s. consulate in lahore. according to a senior state department official, the threat is different from the one that forced the closure of 19 other diplomatic posts earlier this week. >> it's proven to protect lives. and it's certainly important to keep the terrorists from being able to carry out a truly deva
of yemen nepu.s. state department urging u.s. citizens to leave yemen immediately due to, quote, the continued potential for terrorist attacks. it also ordered nonemergencies u.s. government staff to leave. the security threat there is considered very high. tensions already elevated with 19 u.s. embassies and consulates closed through saturday. sources telling nbc news intercepted electronic communications prompted those closures through the middle east and north africa. sources saying two of al qaeda's top leaders, quote, wanted to do something big this past sunday during ramadan. those leaders being al qaeda's chief ayman al zawahiri and his deputy in yemen. it did not reveal a specific target or method. >>> a shooting inside a pennsylvania government building leaves at least three people dead culminating with two people tackling the gunman, shooting him with his own gun. three people, including the gunman were injured. happened last night at the regular monthly meeting of ross township supervisors. police say 59-year-old rockne newell fired into the windows and then went insi
father. jay gray has the latest for us. >> reporter: a group of horseback riders were the first to spot james lee dimaggio and hannah anderson in the back woods on thursday. >> then when we went up the trail a little ways i told these guys, there was something wrong. this wasn't right. >> reporter: it gave searchers a place to focus their search. after spotting their camp site from the air federal agents hiked 2 1/2 hours through the rugged terrain and moved in. >> they waited until the two were separate and ensuring hannah's safety and that's when they moved in to make that safety. >> dimaggio was shot and killed in the showdown, ending a week-long multistate manhunt for a suspect investigators say kidnapped anderson after he brutally murdered the 16-year-old's mom and brother whose bodies were found in the rubble of his burned out san diego home last yeek. anderson was rescued and taken to a area hospital to be evaluated and reunited with her father. >> i'm excited for my son who gets to have her at least. he lost his wife and his -- my beautiful handsome grandson. we're going to have
is live for us. it's 1:00 p.n. in cairo. how is the government now explaining the staggering numbers we mentioned of casualties? >> good morning, richard. it's mind boggling and not only tharkts it's expected to rise in the coming hours because as we've been reporting, there are still a lot of bodies being held at a field hospital. actually it's a mosque being used as a field hospital for families to come and identify missing relatives. that's been taking place all morning along and that's what's explaining the sudden spike in the official death toll. we are expecting it to continue to rise. this is not the final number by any means. the government for its part is justifying this crackdown saying these protests have become a national security threat. yesterday the minister of interior said his police force was simply using tear gas and acting in self-defense. they showed footage of people coming under attack. an armored personnel vehicle being thrown over a bridge showing their soldiers coming under attack and that led to 43 members of the security forces being killed. but this is being
demands to know if chemical weapons were used. >>> the girlfriend of the gunned down australian baseball player speaks out. >>> plus bradley manning gets 35 years but may only serve 7. >>> playstation4 versus xbox 1, prepare for battle. >>> just another day at the beach in russia. >>> plus amazing video of a sinkhole swallowing up whole trees. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for thursday, august 22nd. >>> disturbing images out of syria of a suspected deadly gas attack. they are doflt watch but syrian rebels say they are important to show. it's alleged evidence of what may be the worst chemical weapons attack anywhere in more than 20 years. the syrian government denies using the chemical weapons and it's something president obama warned against a year ago. >> we have communicated in no uncertain terms with every player in the region that that's a red line for us and there would be enormous consequences if we start seeing movement on the chemical weapons front or the use of chemical weapons. >> nbc's yousef gamal el-din is in cairo. good morning. >> repo
is only 7% contained and is now the size of chicago. the situation is syria is becoming dire as the u.s. pushes for proof of chemical weapons and tries to rally an international response. >>> miley cyrus' performance at the mtv video music awards burning up social media around the globe and not for all the right reasons. >>> plus donald trump sued over trump university. >>> new works ahead from j.d. salinger and a baby panda has the country's attention. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, august 26th. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui. firefighters battling a national wildfire in yosemite on high alert. the california rim fire is now the largest in history. this morning, firefighters are being told to protect yosemite at all costs. nbc's jay gray is near the wildfire in tuolumne, california. what are the challenges they are seeing today? >> reporter: good morning. the same as they've been. rugged terrain, high winds. like so many in the area on edge as the rim fire winds gusted. as the fire continues to grow this morning, so does the army of t
of state john kerry described the attacks on civilians with chemical weapons in syria. will the u.s. send in the military? >>> it's one of the biggest wildfires in california history. over 3700 firefighters battling a blaze that's just 20% contained. >>> american hero ty carter receives our highest honor. we'll tell you his incredible story of bravery. >>> plus, president obama's likely nominee for new fed head. >>> a major dogfighting ring busted. >>> and marking 50 years since this man and his message changed the world. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for tuesday, august 27th. >>> very good morning. i'm richard lui. secretary of state john kerry saying the evidence is clear and the amount of human suffering undeniable. >> it defies any code of morality. let me be clear. the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. >> the u.n. is getting closer to confirming whether the syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people. nbc's ayman moyheldin i
for using chemical weapons. >>> a bird's-eye view, california's out-of-control wildfire and the massive air and ground assault to put it out. >>> 50 years ago today, dr. martin luther king jr. delivered one of the world's most memorable messages. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for wednesday, august 28th. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm richard louie. >>> senior u.s. officials tell nbc news a u.s.-led military strike against syria could be launched as early as tomorrow. momentum for action against the alleged chemical attacks appears to be building globally. british prime minister david cameron called his parliament back to debate a response. an emergency vote will be held thursday. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says israel will respond with force if syria does anything to harm israel. the arab league is blaming the syrian government, demanding international trials. but venezuela president nicolas madura, a close ally of syria's president assad, says military action could essentially be the beginning of a great international firestorm. nbc's
and reports of violence have broken out. each side is using live ammunition to attack the other and that's what's leading to the fatali fatalities. the government puts the death toll at 15, five egyptian police officers have been killed. the muslim brotherhood says more than 300 of it supporters have been killed. it's hard to verify the numbers, but we'll get a more accurate picture of what has happened. more importantly, the egyptian military on a heightened state of alert across the country. they've restricted people moving in and out of the capital and there are reports supporters of mohamed morsi have clashed in other major cities, leading to the type of violence many were afraid was going to happen if, in fact, police did what they did this morning, that is storm these two sit-in protests. richard? >> thank you, early there, 1:02 in the afternoon. appreciate it. >>> this morning, a proposed merger in the skies has been put in a holding pattern. american airlines and us airways agreed to become one company, creating the world's largest airline. danielle lee is live in washington. goo
's a $500,000 campaign with town halls in at least nine states. melissa mollet is live in washington for us. how real is this effort being undertaken here? >> nice to see you this morning. big question whether this is a real effort or not. at this point we're not seeing a whole lot of support by republicans, only about ten really backing this plan. many of them perhaps wondering if the tour is headed in the right direction. >> this is an urgent time to stop what we think is a very destructive law. >> reporter: after a kickoff last night in arkansas, the town hall road show rolls on this morning. next stop? dallas. >> and there is no more important regulatory reform that we can do than to repeal every single word of obama care. >> reporter: senator cruz and the heritage foundation hoping to whip up enough support to gut president obama's affordable care act. >> the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. >> reporter: this as a potential government shutdown looms. the sticking point? whether government funding
19 u.s. embassies in the middle east and through africa on wednesday. the u.s. embassy in yemen was shut down thursday after a terror threat there. >>> and u.s. drone strikes intensified the situation in yemen. 12 officials were killed. it was a result of communication between high level al qaeda leaders suggesting a terror threat. military officials report 34 suspected al qaeda militants have been killed in eight drone attacks in less than three weeks. >>> one of the powerball winners says he's been waiting his entire life for this day. he's a father of two and an engineer from minnesota. he's one of the three winners of the powerball lottery. he chose the lump sum. he'll get about $53 million when it's all said and done. the wife said his family always called the lottery his financial plan. the other two winning tickets were sold in new jersey and at a stop and shop in acme. while no one has yet come forward, nbc new york is reporting 16 people are holders of the tket. they'll have a slice of the powerball's third largest prize. >> i love stories like that. i like when the off
us washington. >> reporter: veronica, good morning. the overwhelming message out of the washington is that president obama need to be careful as he tries to trike a balance between restore the public's confidence and trust and protecting national security. even while vacationing on martha's vineyard president obama couldn't escape a moment of apparent frustration on the golf course. but in washington, more troubles await the commander in chief. lawmakers are criticizing the president's plan by nsa programs exposed by leaker edward snowden. >> he's failed to explain these programs which are lawful, which save lives. >> we need to do better in educating our public so they are are not fearful that we the government are violating their privacy. the worm director of the nsa added oversight to hurt a key part of the program moving quickly to protect national security. >> so you need to be careful about how many processes you put in there. the >> reporter: the leak seemed to push russian relations to a post cold war low. president obama has now canceled the meeting with russian president
between the u.s. and russia. nbc's trace iie potts joins me m washington. the president's snub has many wondering, what happens now? >> reporter: next, betty, we wait to see what russia's response is. we'll have two officials right here in washington tomorrow. we'll monitor that for you. here on capitol hill, democrats and republicans are supporting the president's decision. >> and the first impression they get -- >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry and defense secretary chuck hagel are still set to meet their russian counterparts in washington tomorrow. even though president obama canceled his moscow summit with russian president vladimir putin. >> we were not at the point in our progress on a number of these issues where a summit at the presidential level was the most constructive step. >> reporter: there are disagreements over arms control and human rights but the last straw was russia giving whistleblower edward snowden asylum for a year. on jay leno tuesday, president obama said this relationship has been on thin ice for years. >> they slipped back into cold war thinking. an
will learn his fate. the man behind the largest leak of classified documents in u.s. history could spend the rest of his life in prison. good morning to you and what can we expect at this morning's hearing? >> reporter: we know the hearing starts just three hours from now, 10:00 eastern time. we know bradley manning will find out how much of his life he'll spend in a military prison. what we're expecting is for the judge to come out and make a determination what she believes is the most fair. of course, the maximum is 90 years in prison is what he could get. he was convicted of leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the secret sharing website, wikileaks. the intelligence analyst convicted in july, guilty of 20 criminal charges. now facing up to 90 years behind bars. he's already served three and a half of that. they are asking for a sentence of 60 years in jail, his attorney asking for leniency, 25 years. manning says he's sorry for his actions, also sorry, he says, for hurting the united states. >> thank you so much for us. >>> developing news from syria. at least ten
generations before us, the united states of america is going to remain the greatest force for freedom that the world has ever known. >>> after a two-day swing out west, the president is back in washington today. >>> and as you heard from the president at camp pendleton, he mentioned that terror plot has closed numerous u.s. embassies. this morning, authorities in yemen say they've successfully thwarted a plot aimed at embassies. the plan was to fire missiles inside the embassies and it included attacking naval forces in the red sea. the u.s. embassy in yemen remains closed today and on high alert. >>> president obama says the united states wants to help the millions of displayed syrian refugees. so he's pledging an additional $195 million in humanitarian and food aid to the civil war-torn country. that brings the total u.s. aid in syria to $1.2 billion since the two-year war fan. the u.n. said last month nearly 7 million syrians require urgent humanitarian aid. the toll to civil war is taking on aleppo, syria's largest city. these before and after images show damaged or destroyed home
: understanding. >> now it's time for us to grieve and move on to the healing process. >> reporter: that may be most difficult for those closest to the tragedy. jay gray, nbc news. >>> a federal judge threw out part of a lawsuit against paula deen. this suit from one of her former restaurant managers claimed deen and her brother promoted a racist work environment. because that manager is white, the judge said she had no standing to sue on the basis of race. a spokeswoman for deen said they were pleased with the ruling, adding, quote, as ms. deen has stated before, she is confident that those who truly know how she lives her life know that she believes in equal opportunity, kindness and fairness for everyone. >>> he had a decades long reign of terror followed by 16 years on the run as one of america's most wanted. now mob boss james "whitey" bulger has been convicted. >> reporter: after more than 32 hours of deliberations, jurors returned to a packed courtroom announcing the fate of whitey bulger, one of boston's most notorious reputed mobsters. the jury found him guilty of dozens of crimes,
government installations. the minister of interior said he also advised security to use live rounds to protect government building if is a very combustible atmosphere here. right now there are no efforts to try and diffuse the situation. a lot of rhetoric coming out from the government and supporters of the muslim brotherhood. >> firefighters continue battling raging firefighters in the west. near park city, utah, there have been mandatory evacuation orders. firefighters are getting the upper hand with the blaze being 50% contained. it's not just utah. firefighters in at least nine states are facing historic conditions. >>> hannah anderson made her first public appearance. she did not say a word as she arrived at a fund-raiser for her family thursday, but her father spoke on her behalf. >> hannah sends her love. she's doing good day by day. we'll just keep moving forward from here. >>> court papers detail dozens of items seized from james dimaggio's home. they include letters from hannah, a hand cuff box and fire bombs. the documents did not elaborate on the letters or the nature of
the judge has agreed with us that it was a big part of the problem. >> reporter: new york mayor michael bloomberg and his police commissioner say stop and frisk has saved lives. and getting rid of it will make the city more dangerous. the judge appointed a federal monitor to oversee the nypd. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >>> this morning seattle police want to know why a man snapped and shot a bus driver. the gunman jumped to a second bus, filled with passengers. police shot and killed the suspect through the window of that second bus. the driver is in stable condition. and his spirits are said to be high. >>> defense attorney says former boston mobster, james "whitey" bulger will appeal a series of convictions against him. he was found of 11 murders, along with racketeering, and money laundering. he is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison. prosecutors failed to gain convictions against bulger for eight other killings. >>> now, to the strongest indications that hillary clinton plans a presidential run in 2016. in a speech before the american bar association last night
. the lawn morers i used growing up never went that fast. evidently they have some pretty good gasoline they're using there. >>> espn noun says texas a&m quarterback johnny manziel got paid $7,500 to sign items. that followed last week's report that the heisman trophy winner had four signing sessions. the ncaa is investigating if johnny football violated rules. >>> hugh darvish dominates in texas, a no hitter through seven inning pes.but then houston's carlos corporin gets a home run. the second time the astros spoiled a darvish game. the catcher even gets upset and thrown out. rangers, 2-1 in that one. >> rangers, still a great game. >>> on monday, the eighth, down by one in the ninth inning and alberto there hitting in two runs. they pulled the fat out of the fire. oakland over tornado, 5-1. >>> miami heat superstar lebron james, should he run for president of the nba players association, mara sfp. >> yes. >> he said no. >> flow. >> james evidently went through all the process. he was considering running for that job. reports say he decided against it after talking with advisers and fellow
have been evacuated. abc's cecilia vega is on the fire line for us. >> reporter: home after home went up in flames as this raging inferno, 85 miles east of los angeles, burns out of control. >> as the wind pushes it, as we panned earlier over to that. as it moves to the east, it will continue to do that as the wind pushes it that way, with the fuel and the topography. >> reporter: the fire has consumed several thousand acres. and last night, firefighters conceded there was no containment. >> depending on what the wind does, it can actually change direction, as the cooling starts and starts moving the opposite direction. and as we move to that, we're -- we definitely will have a different firefight on our hands. >> reporter: mandatory evacuations went into effect last night for several communities in harm's way. emergency shelters were set up in riverside county, for anyone needing a place to spend the night. >> we could go the 243. the fire had crossed over. >> when i left, i was backing out of my house. and there was flames all around my car. >> reporter: several hundred firefighters
way. i decided that having my hair back the way it used to be was an important step for me. >> myself, i'm 45 years old, and you know, i'm not in the best shape in the world, but one thing, i'm continually trying to get better, and my hair is just one less problem i ever have to think about. >> i feel blessed. i'm not worried about other people passing judgment or wondering what might be wrong with me. i don't second-guess going to the store or going to the movies or going to have a drink. i'm confident. i'm comfortable. >> welcome back. let's get right to the root of the problem-- hair loss and what causes it. now, hair loss affects more than 70 million people in north america today-- 40 million men and 30 million women. that's a lot of people. some people try products that claim to regrow hair only to find out a few hundred dollars later that they didn't work. don't waste your money on unproven remedies. if you care about how you look and you want to get your hair back, take time to listen to world-renowned hair loss expert dr. jon gaffney, medical director of hair club, a board-cer
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